Distinctive content mix


Interface preview

Traditional-Simplified Chinese interactive search feature

Exclusive! Citation reference mutual links

Airiti Library features clickable links to the ACI database, the Airiti DOI service and the world's largest DOI service platform CrossRef for instant linking to download a search reference and boost search speed performance!

Online access to preprint articles

The preprint feature allows online publishing of an article as soon as it is approved before the print version is released. Clicking the pre-print option on a journal web page allows instant access to the latest monographs and a zero time lag to staying abreast of the latest information!

Single interface search of multiple category data

The Airiti Library includes worldwide academic publications included in international citation index databases such as the Science Citation Index, Social Sciences Citation Index, Taiwan Social Sciences Citation Index, MEDLINE, and Chinese Social Sciences citation Index. It also includes various types of academic monographs, such as journal articles, conference papers, and doctoral dissertations suitable for combined single-interface searching.

Integrated with international academic services

Via strategic alliances with globally prominent search engines and discovery services (such as Google, Google Scholar, Naver, EBSCO Host EDS and ExLibris Primo), Airiti Librarybin conjunction with CrossRef and the International DOI academic community, as well as the ORCID persistent digital identifier service and the PlumX Metricsbprovides potent international exposure for Chinese-language research.

Zero academic time-lag

Airiti Library's unique preprint service allows online reader access to the newest articles! Via individualized service, users can create journal article watch lists of their own to stay abreast in real time of the latest academic discoveries.