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Airiti Inc. was founded in 2000 primarily to provide digital art database services. Afterward, it expanded into academic databases, developing academic journal, doctoral dissertation and e-book database products. Airiti aims to foster global recognition and growth of Chinese knowledge by providing innovative Chinese knowledge service. It is currently Taiwan's foremost professional platform for international-ranking databases. In line with the rapid advances taking place in knowledge research throughout the networked world, Airiti continues to innovate at a global pace in a never-ending quest for the newest, finest and most professional service models.


Airiti profoundly believes that more systematic and effective approaches can be applied to preserving and fostering the distillation of human wisdom accumulated over the ages. Professional operation and international cooperation are the cornerstones of the services that Airiti Inc. provides to reduce distances and link academic research around the world ever more closely.

Service Spirit

Fostering greater breadth and depth of disseminating the research results of every academic discipline matters to Airiti. An even greater concern is to address the needs of any user seeking the finest information by providing the highest-value knowledge service with professional expertise, a human touch and cosmopolitan flair.

Airiti Library

This search platform, combining the academic resources of both Taiwan and mainland China, features full-text searchable content covering academic journal articles, doctoral dissertations, and conference paper compilations, to provide high-quality and convenient Chinese knowledge service.

iRead eBooks

Device friendly platform; downloaded e-books can be read anytime

Borrow an e-book for automatic return upon expiry, reserve a book, or recommend a purchase

Instantly update every hardware device via online bookshelf cloud syncing.

iRead eBooks

Airiti Academic Dissemination Service

Airiti offers broad and comprehensive value-added knowledge service spanning a vast array of academic disciplines, to provide optimal information to its users in a professional manner with a personal touch and cosmopolitan flair.

Products and Services

Airiti is dedicated to perfecting new products and services that help boost the quality and efficiency of academic research through state-of-the art knowledge sharing, and the dissemination of research results throughout the Chinese-speaking global community, as well as across linguistic and cultural differences. Sinified scholarly synergy for greater global growth!

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