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Leishu macro-perspective browsing

Displays the entire categorical structure of the selected leishu by tome (彙編), canon (典),and thematic section (部),showcasing the knowledge classification schema of the original printed form,and providing a coordinate schema for quickly zeroing in on a particular subject of study.

Passage Similarity Analysis

Similar content extracted or compiled in various categorical sections of a leishu or different leishu included in the Han Cloud database are automatically displayed together to highlight differences in concept classification,subject categorization and editorial logic among the encyclopedic anthologies.

Graphic display of structural correspondences

Enhances clarity and readability of structural correspondences between leishu.

Analytical tools

  • Text mining to parse and classify documents into structuralized data
  • Text analysis of content and contextual connections between various passages

Macroscopic overview

  • Categorical browsing to showcase ancient knowledge classification schema
  • Graphic display of knowledge classification correspondences between leishu

Multidimensional search

  • Conditional and original document structural classification search
  • Advanced search feature provides full text, author, source and affix analysis
  • Post-classification categories: source, author, era, cannon, and cannon-entry