Gujin Tushu Jicheng Imperial Encyclopedia—Searchable on the Han Cloud

The Han Cloud—Much more than a traditional database platform

Interface preview

Search system main menu

Displays the entire categorical structure of the Gujin Tushu Jicheng Imperial Encyclopedia by tome (彙編), canon (典), and thematic section (部), familiarizing users with the knowledge classification orientation of Qing Dynasty-era officials and scholars, and providing a coordinate schema for quickly zeroing in on a particular subject of study in this massive work.

Browser display page

Displays a list of itemized browsing and search results with each passage or phrase viewable. It also displays the category to which the item passage or phrase belongs and information about each item, such as source, links to similar passages or phrases, digital content view and links, and original photocopied text.

Completely digitized text allows users the convenience of viewing or excerpting historical data

Item detail page with full text provides users with read, search, save item and view original text image features.

Bird's-eye search features

  • Provides conditional searches and canon-part categorical searches.
  • Displays the total search return item count, as well as précis, digitalized content and original scanned text image of each search result.
  • Five types of faceted classifications allow chronological ordering of sources and spatial topic classification.
  • Advanced search feature provides analysis of entire text, author, point of origin and complete text truncation. (selection can be by pre- or post-coordination)