Distinctive content mix


Interface preview

Present manuscript status, history clearly

The manuscript status process, operator and time of occurrence can be clearly identified so that the output of the manuscript is clearly listed.

Journal exclusive website

The unit can customize its own journal pages, providing the functions of page editing and file downloading area, so that the journal information can be seen at a glance.

Multi-faceted service platform

All co-journed journals are listed on the platform, and scholars no longer diverge when submitting articles, and recruit professionals from all fields.

Professional manuscript submission service

Nearly a decade of system service experience and close to 80% manuscript submission system usership; affirmed by many indexed journal publishers.

Precision control speeds up timetable

Systematized process management speeds up the publishing timetable of outstanding academic works, shortening the processing time of manuscripts by up to 30 percent.

Saves time and staff costs

Economizes editing costs, such as time, staff and financial outlays, for an average of 10% in expense savings.