iRead eBooks

Abundant, diverse and accessible content


Interface preview

Choice selection of many subjects

Tailor-made filtered search for each reader sorts out the most appropriate book list for a given topic from the vast pool of e-books!

Comprehensive platform device support

iRead eBooks can be read on any platform device to satisfy every user group.

Find library by books across collectionsfrom different libraries

Log in to multiple libraries with the same email, and when searching books in the APP, it will automatically view the books that can be borrowed under library permissions. Cloud sync a list of books available for loan from each partner library.

The search advantage

The iRead eBooks easy and accurate search and cross-search feature facilitates locating a book title in any partner library via keywords, subject, Library of Congress category, publisher, author, or ISBN.

Largest quantity of high-quality titles

iRead ebooks features the largest selection of Chinese-language e-books. Titles from the National Taiwan University Press are exclusively available from iRead e-Books; and titles in the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, medicine, and business management published by nearly 3000 publishers specializing in academic books will satisfy every research need!

Partner libraries

Taiwan-based partners include the National Central Library, National Library of Public Information, county and city libraries, as well as public and private university libraries. Overseas partners include libraries at universities in Macao and Hong Kong, Columbia University, Yale University, Stanford University, Harvard University, as well as the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin and the National Library Board, Singapore.