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DOI metadata search engine

The DOI metadata search engine provides RAs and end users with the means of searching for whether a DOI has been applied for a particular reference. The data sources include Taiwan's RA and the largest DOI data source for the global academic community, CrossRef.

Comprehensive metadata entry interface

Complete metadata information columns help registering organizations submit detailed and accurate bibliographic information, build connections between objects, record the author's ORCID, build bibliographic relationships, and enhance the depth of registered object metadata.

DOI resolution interface

Users can now browse the knowledge map of a particular DOI for its related metadata provided by the registering organization and for contributor information to strengthen DOI community information linking and boost mutual promotional efficacy.

Taiwan's only Registration Agency

Exclusive registration of cross-media objects

Building content for added-value management

Integrated Academic Publishing Services

Digital publishing process imports DOI

Prioirty release of pre-publication articles

Linked to the International Academic Community

CROSSREF and ORCID collaboration

promotes exchanges between Chinese-language research and the global academic community