What is ASPERS」

Distinctive characteristics


Interface features

Open manuscript-tracking service

Depending on the particular segment of the manuscript review process, ASPERS has been designed to provide trouble-free tracking of the progress of each manuscript and viewing of its historical data.

Automatic email notification of manuscript review progress and system events

Automatic reminders on manuscript review timetable and message pre-editing functions greatly boost communication efficiency among editorial staff, as well as with authors and reviewers.

Publication statistics for decision-making reference

The statistical report functions of ASPERS cam serve as reference points for internal journal decision-making and as the data basis for journal funding applications and inclusion in international indexing databases.

Professional manuscript submission service

Nearly a decade of system service experience and close to 80% manuscript submission system usership; affirmed by many indexed journal publishers.

Precision control speeds up timetable

Systematized process management speeds up the publishing timetable of outstanding academic works, shortening the processing time of manuscripts by up to 30 percent.

Saves time and staff costs

Economizes editing costs, such as time, staff and financial outlays, for an average of 10% in expense savings.