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Quick ways to become a member

In addition to the website procedure for becoming a member, Google or Facebook accounts can be used make joining very fast.

Advanced search function

In addition to a comprehensive internal website search feature, iRead provides a faceted search feature (by title, publisher, author, etc.) so that users need not view search results page by page, and can quickly grasp an overview of search results.

Shopping made easy

With a simplified shopping process, simply press the "add to shopping cart" button on a product web page and it is instantly added to your shopping cart for one-step payment, so only three steps are needed to make a purchase!

Member data security assurance

The iRead slogan, "Shop with peace of mind! Mobile phone number not required" means that all notifications throughout the purchasing process are made by email, safeguarding member rights and interests.

Up to 8% bonus points on purchases

Bonus reward points of up to 8% of each purchase can be earned with each iRead purchase, and there is no limit on how many can be applied to discount the total price of any purchase other than shipping costs.

Good reading recyclable

No need to worry about the time and energy expended in selling second-hand books at low prices! iRead provides an innovative second-hand book recycling service!。

Books recommended by Babel publishing professionals that are purchased via iRead are guaranteed to earn 20% in reward bonus points of the list price.