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Publisher>National Colleges and Universities>National Taiwan University>臺灣大學生物資源暨農學院實驗林研究報告>Vol.24 No.3
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Alternative TitleThe Investigation of Macrofungus in Fong-Huang Mountain
Author蕭文偉(Wen-Wei Hsiao);朱珮綺(Pei-Chi Chu);王亞男(Ya-Nan Wang);陳潔音(Chieh-Yin Chen)
Journal Title臺灣大學生物資源暨農學院實驗林研究報告
Vol./Publishing DateVol.24 No.3 (2010/09)
Abstract自2009年1月至2009年12月期間,每月2次於臺大實驗林溪頭營林區鳳凰山南嶺線與北嶺線天然林內進行大型真菌相調查及監測,共發現42種大型真菌並完成種間之鑑定,無褶菌目17屬17種、傘菌目13屬17種、炭角菌目2屬3種、異擔子菌類2屬2種、腹菌類1種、盤菌目1種以及釘菇目1種。一年內出現9個月以上之優勢種,計有Ganoderma australe、Phellinus gilvus、Microporus affinis、Xylobolus spectabilis、Magoderna subresinosum及Skeletocutis nivea等6種。一年內僅出現一次之少見種計有Russula amoena、Favolaschia pustulosa、Dictyophora indusiata、Calvatia craniiformis等4種。

The investigation of macrofungus in 2009 was performed twice a month in Fong- Hung Mountain. Forty-two macrofungus were identified, including 17 genus 17 species of Appyllophorales, 13 genus 17 species of Agaricales, 2 genus 3 species in Xylariales, 2 genus 2 species of Heterobasidiomycetes, one species of Gasteromycetes, one species of Pezizales and one species of Gomphales. Among these macrofungus, dominant species are Ganoderma australe, Phellinus gilvus, Microporus affinis, Xylobolus spectabilis, Magoderna subresinosum and Skeletocutis nivea which appeared more than 9 months within one year. However, species such as Russula amoena, Favolaschia pustulosa, Dictyophora indusiata and Calvatia craniiformis were observed once a year.

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