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1 Juxtapapillary Choroidal Melanoma-A Case Report 林峰祺;陳建同;陳喬鴻;陳柏良;呂大文中華民國眼科醫學會雜誌Vol.45 No.4 2006/12413-418
2 Management of Corneal Melting Associated with Rheumatoid Arthritis-3 Cases Reports 彭裕泰;陳萬英;楊榮木;呂大文;戴明正中華民國眼科醫學會雜誌Vol.45 No.3 2006/09205-210
3 Influence of Protein and Immunoglobulin a Deposition on Female Patient Comfort and Satisfaction: Comparison of Conventional and 2-Week Disposable Soft Contact Lenses 蕭志賢;陳柏良;陳建同;呂大文中華民國眼科醫學會雜誌Vol.47 No.3 2008/09212-219
4 Combined Phacoemulsification with Posterior Chamber Intraocular Lens Implantation and Mitomycin-Augmented Trabeculectomy in Glaucoma Patients 劉天佑;呂大文;周秉義中華民國眼科醫學會雜誌Vol.39 No.1 2000/031-8
5 Hyperopic Laser in Situ Keratomileusis to Treat Consecutive Hyperopia after Myopic Lasik-A Case Report 陳祐瑲;梁知本;陳建同;呂大文中華民國眼科醫學會雜誌Vol.45 No.1 2006/0336-43
6 Flap Suturing to Treat Recalcitrant Flap Striae after Laser in Situ Keratomileusis 戴明正;劉人傑;呂大文;張正忠中華民國眼科醫學會雜誌Vol.42 No.4 2003/12421-425
7 Laser-Assisted in Situ Keratomileusis (LASIK) Flap Suturing to Treat Late-Onset Traumatic flap Dehiscence and Striae 李嘉宏;王騰毅;洪世明;戴明正;呂大文中華民國眼科醫學會雜誌Vol.46 No.2 2007/06123-128
8 Peribulbar Injection of Triamcinolone Acetonide in the Treatment of Recurrent Optic Neuritis in a Patient with Ankylosing Spondylitis 簡克鴻;陳柏良;陳清龍;李嘉宏;呂大文;陳建同中華民國眼科醫學會雜誌Vol.46 No.4 2007/12439-444
9 Amniotic Membrane Transplantation for Persistent Corneal Epithelial Defect and Ulceration 李嘉宏;戴明正;陳建同;梁知本;呂大文中華民國眼科醫學會雜誌Vol.45 No.4 2006/12425-431
10 Unilateral Iris Metastasis from Breast Cancer-Case Report 陳清龍;戴明正;王騰毅;陳喬鴻;呂大文中華民國眼科醫學會雜誌Vol.45 No.1 2006/0324-29
11 Gene Therapy using SiRNA for Treatment of Ocular Neovascularization 王俊翔(Chun-Hsiang Wang);呂大文(Da-Wen Lu);江樵熹(Chiao-Hsi Chiang)Journal of Medical SciencesVol.30 No.3 2010/0679-84
12 Management of Choroidal Detachment after Ahmed Valve Implantation-3 Cases Report 陳怡豪;吳劍男;呂大文中華民國眼科醫學會雜誌Vol.44 No.1 2005/0341-47
13 The Experience of Ahmed Glaucoma Valve Implantation in Patients with Intractable Glaucoma 陳柏良;呂大文;周秉義中華民國眼科醫學會雜誌Vol.40 No.2 2001/06125-131
14 A Case of Bilateral Branch Retinal Vein Occlusion after Medical Treatment for Lower Limb Cellulitis 王騰毅;陳喬鴻;陳清龍;陳建同;呂大文中華民國眼科醫學會雜誌Vol.45 No.2 2006/0691-95
15 Visual Limitations Assessment in Patients with Glaucoma 呂大文;George L. Spaeth中華民國眼科醫學會雜誌Vol.36 No.3 1997/09157-163
16 Sphenoid Sinus Mucocele with Unilateral Abducent Nerve Palsy and Visual Loss: A Case Report 陳清龍;劉祥耀;吳劍男;王騰毅;呂大文中華民國眼科醫學會雜誌Vol.45 No.2 2006/06109-113
17 Successful Trabeculectomy for Childhood Glaucoma Associated with Atypical Sturge-Weber Syndrome and Turner's Syndrome 姚信宇(Hsin-Yu Yao);呂大文(Da-Wen Lu);周延壽(Yen-Shou Chou);陳建同(Jiann-Tong Chen)中華民國眼科醫學會雜誌Vol.48 No.4 2009/12564-569
18 Ahmed Valve Implantation in the Ciliary Sulcus in a Patient Who Had Previously Undergone Penetrating Keratoplasty 鮑淑怡(Shu-I Pao);呂大文(Da-Wen Lu);戴明正(Ming-Cheng Tai);陳怡豪(Yi-Hao Chen);簡克鴻(Ke-Hung Chien)中華民國眼科醫學會雜誌Vol.50 No.2 2011/0659-63
19 Woman with Iron Deficiency Anemia and Nonarteritic Anterior Ischemic Optic Neuropathy 王騰毅;陳喬鴻;陳清龍;陳建同;呂大文中華民國眼科醫學會雜誌Vol.46 No.2 2007/06160-164
20 A Comparison between Early Trabeculectomy with Mitomycin and Medical Treatment in Young Patients with Glaucoma 吳劍男;陳柏良;呂大文中華民國眼科醫學會雜誌Vol.41 No.4 2002/12512-517
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