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Subject Catagory>Humanities>Linguistics/Literature>Concentric: Studies in Linguistics>Vol.36 No.1
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1   Taiwanese EFL Learners' Perception of English Word Stress 歐淑珍(Shu-Chen Ou)1-23
2   Self-Monitoring Discourse Markers in Classroom Monologue Narratives 唐綺霞(Chihsia Tang)105-131
3   A Cross-Cultural Study of Apologies in British English and Persian Fariba Chamani;Parvane Zareipur133-153
4   On the Syntax of Amis Comparative Constructions 郭政淳(Cheng-Chuen Kuo);宋麗梅(Li-May Sung)25-57
5   "N-words" in Negative Structures in English 史帝夫(Steve Mulkeen);謝菁玉(Shelley Ching-Yu Hsieh)59-78
6   Lexical Feature Variations between New York Times and Times Supplement News Headlines 謝健雄(Jian-Shiung Shie)79-103
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