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Subject Catagory>Medical & Life Science>Medicine>中華民國眼科醫學會雜誌>Vol.44 No.4
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Alternative TitleThe Toxicity of ICG in Macular Hole Surgery-Case Report
Author陸振邦(Chun-Pong Luk);蔡顯揚(Hin-Yeung Choi)
Journal Title中華民國眼科醫學會雜誌
Parallel TitleACTA Societatis Ophthalmologicae Sinicae
Vol./Publishing DateVol.44 No.4 (2005/12)
Abstract目的:探討使用玻璃體切除術及利用ICG(Indocyanine green)染色協助內限膜剝離術治療黃斑部裂孔後,ICG對視網膜之毒性。 方法:本文收集臺中榮民總醫院眼科自民國92年12月19日至93年9月1日期間,原發性黃斑部裂孔之病例10人進行玻璃體切除術及利用ICG染色協助內限膜剝離術,分別於第一組3人注入0.1ml濃度為2.5mg/ml之ICG及第二組7人注入0.1ml濃度為0.25mg/ml之ICG,並於術前、術後1至2個月與術後第6個月進行視網膜電位檢查ERG(Electroretinogram),以對側眼睛為對照組,加以分析並討論。 結果:10位病人在術前ERG檢查雙眼a-wave與b-wave之振幅和反應延遲時間皆無明顯差異,但在手術後,第一組3位病人患眼之振幅和反應延遲時間皆減少與延遲。第二組7位病人患眼之振幅和反應延遲時間皆無減少與延遲之情形發生。另外黃斑部裂孔修復情形,第一組之裂孔皆全部修復,第二組7位中只有4位修復,3位裂孔依然存在。 討論:本篇用高濃度之ICG(2.5mg/ml)染內限膜,3位病人術後ERG皆有變化,代表此濃度之ICG對我們的視網膜是有毒性的,而低濃度之ICG(0.25mg/ml)在術後2個月及第6個月後相對對視網膜功能並無明顯影響。

Purpose: To find the toxicity of JCG to retina evaluated by ERG in ILM peeling in idiopathic macular hole surgery. Methods: 10 patients (10 eyes) with stage 3 or 4 idiopathic macular holes were enrolled. There are 9 females and one male, aged from 48-75 (average 61.5). Three eyes underwent vitrectomy with 2.5mg/ml concentration of ICG-stained ILM peeling (group 1). 7eyes underwent vitrectomy with 0.25mg/ml concentration of ICG-stained ILM peeling (group 2). We measure the visual acuity, ERG and anatomical successful rate (hole sealed) of the macular hole surgery preoperatively and postoperatively. Results: Our patients were collected from Dee, 2003 to Sept, 2004. All of them performed baseline ERG before surgery, 1-2 months and 6 months after surgery and anatomical successful rate were collected. In group 1, the anatomical successful rate(hole sealed) are 3/3 (100%). In group 2, anatomical successful rate (hole sealed) are 4/7 (5 7%). Compare right and left eye in each patient, there is no difference in amplitude and latency of ERG between two eyes preoperatively. In group 1, all operated eyes in those 3 patients showed decrease amplitude of a-wave and b-wave and prolong latency of a-wave and b-wave of ERG postoperatively. In group 2, all of them (7 eyes) showed no difference in amplitude and latency change preoperatively and postoperatively between two eyes. Conclusion: High concentration of ICG (2.5mg/ml) will decrease amplitude and prolong latency of ERG and might be toxic to the retina.

Keyword(s)Macular hole,Indocyanine green,Electroretinogram
CEPS CategorySubject Catagory>Medical & Life Science>Medicine

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