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Subject Catagory>Social Science>Education>US-China Education Review>Vol.6 No.12
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Subject/TitleHong Kong Students' Approaches to Learning: Cross-cultural Comparisons
AuthorBhoomiah Dasari
Journal TitleUS-China Education Review
Parallel Title美中教育評論
Vol./Publishing DateVol.6 No.12 (2009/12)

Anecdotal evidence abounds in Hong Kong to the effect that students entering tertiary education are predisposed to a "rote" learning approach. With the internalisation of higher education in many countries, there is still insufficient understanding of how Chinese students approach their learning. Except few studies were conducted locally, there have been no systematic studies undertaken and there is a tendency to rely on anecdotal statements about Hong Kong students' approaches to learning. This study was designed to see if Hong Kong Chinese students who enrolled into a 3-year undergraduate programme in occupational therapy predisposed to a surface or deep approach to learning react differently when moving progressively from one stage to the next stage in their curriculum. The study adopted a longitudinal design method and measured students' changes in their approaches to learning using the Biggs' Study Process Questionnaire (SPQ). The internal consistency reliability estimates for SPQ scales for samples of Hong Kong, Australia and UK were compared. The results of this study indicated that Hong Kong Chinese students demonstrated a higher mean for the deep approach learning and a lower mean for the surface approach, similar to other Hong Kong studies conducted in other tertiary institutions in Hong Kong and Australia.

Keyword(s)Chinese learner,approaches to learning,occupational therapy students,cross-cultural comparisons
CEPS CategorySubject Catagory>Social Science>Education

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