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臺灣林業科學>Vol.14 No.1
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Subject/TitleRe-examination of the Taxonomic Status of Cunninghamia konishii and C. lanceolata Based on the RFLPs of a Chloroplast trnD-trnT Spacer
Alternative Title由葉綠體DNA trnD-trnT spacer片段的多型性再檢視香杉及福州杉的分類地位
Author呂勝由(Sheng-You Lu);蔣鎮宇(Tzen-Yuh Chiang);洪國翔(Kuo-Hsiang Hong);胡大維(Ta-Wei Hu)
Journal Title臺灣林業科學
Parallel TitleTaiwan Journal of Forest Science
Vol./Publishing DateVol.14 No.1 (1999/03)
Abstract本文依據葉綠體DNA介於trnD及,trnT間的基因片段之限制酵素多型性利用分歧分類學分析及最小網狀結構重建福州杉及香杉之物種親緣,研究材料來自中國大陸的福州杉四處及台灣特有的香杉四處;限制酵素之切割僅Taq Ⅰ及Hinf Ⅰ顯現族群間的多型性,二種杉木為各自單一起源的假說並未被支持,台灣的三樣株及浙江的樣株為同一基因型組合,並為分歧分類學分析所支持(重取統計值為0.70),藉由限制酵素切割的位置所重建的親綠網狀圖顯現,相較於最常見的基因型,福建的樣株失去了一個Hinf位置,湖北、江西及台灣達見的樣株則有-Hinf Ⅰ位置的消失,其中達見並多出一個Taq Ⅰ位置,根據葉綠trnD-trnT片段之多型性所作的分歧分類學分析顯示,台灣產的香杉並非單一起源,而應與福州杉同種。

The phylogenetic relationship between Cunninghamia konishii and C. lanceolata was investigated by a cladistic analysis and a minimum spanning network reconstruction on RFLP of the trnD-trnT non-coding spacer of chloroplast DNA. Four sources of C. lanceolata from southeastern provinces of mainland China and 4 sources of C. konishii from Taiwan were sampled, Restriction enzyme digestion with Taq Ⅰ and Hinf Ⅰ revealed genetic polymorphisms among populations and identified 4 haplotypes. Monophyly of each species was not supported. A monophyletic group identified by PAUP, with a bootstrap value of 0.70, consists of 3 samples from Taiwan and a sample from Zhejiang Prov. This clade is characterized by the most frequent haplotype, which may represent an ancestral genotype. A reconstructed network revealed a phylogenetic relationship of the Fujian sample linking it to the most frequent type with a loss of a Hinf Ⅰ site. Another Hinf Ⅰ site was lost in samples of Hubei and Jiangxi Prov. as well as the Tachien sample of Taiwan, which then gained another Taq Ⅰ recognition site. Identity between C. konishii and C. lanceolata was suggested based on the RFLP patterns of the chloroplast trnD-trnT spacer.

Keyword(s)香杉,福州杉,葉綠體DNA,trnD-trnT,spacer,DNA片段多型性;Cunninghamia konishii,C. lanceolata,cpDNA,trnD-trnT spacer,RFLP
CEPS CategorySubject Catagory>Applied Science>Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishery Science
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