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南開大學學報(自然科學版)>Vol.42 No.2
Total Pages: 6   Full-text:
Alternative TitleComplexity of Ecosystem Dynamics
Author张晓春(Xiao-Chun Zhang);马春(Chun Ma);古松(Song Gu);杨劼(Jie Yang);宋炳煜(Bing-Yu Song);何兴东(Xing-Dong He);高玉葆(Yu-Bao Gao)
Journal Title南開大學學報(自然科學版)
Parallel TitleActa Scientiarum Naturalium Universiatis Nankaiensis
Vol./Publishing DateVol.42 No.2 (2009/04)

As a new research region, complexity studies have been widely applied in economy, engineering, biology, military, management and sociology. In this paper, from the view of complex science, the main complexity characteristics of ecosystem dynamics were described in three scales with classical ecology theories. Furthermore, the application of ecosystem dynamics complexity on the practice fields was also discussed.

Keyword(s)生态系统动态,复杂性,尺度,生态恢复;ecosystem dynamics,complexity,scale,ecological restoration
CEPS CategorySubject Catagory>Natural Science>Mathematics
Subject Catagory>Natural Science>Physics
Subject Catagory>Natural Science>Chemistry
Subject Catagory>Applied Science>Electrical and Electronics
Subject Catagory>Applied Science>Computer Science and Information Engineering
Subject Catagory>Medical & Life Science>Life Science

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