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1  安徽農業科學Vol.38 No.29 2010/10-
2  安徽農業科學Vol.38 No.29 2010/10-
3  安徽農業科學Vol.38 No.23 2010/08-
4 C 马春梅;向鸿梅;车忠强中國民族民間醫藥Vol.19 No.4A 2010/0462-62+64
5 Analysis of Democratic Category Ran Liu;Yan-Ping ChenJournal of US-China Public AdministrationVol.4 No.5 2007/0541-46
6 Democracy and Constitutional Endurance Dag AnckarTaiwan Journal of DemocracyVol.10 No.1 2014/0723-41
7 Fire and Dust Peter McLaren中正教育研究Vol.4 No.S 2005/101-44
8 Cake Formation and Flux Decline in Centrifugal Filter Basket 黃國楨;謝育淇;林佑信Journal of the Chinese Institute of Chemical EngineersVol.36 No.5 2005/09517-525
9 Gain Adaptation of Fuzzy Controller Design 陳珍源;蔡樸生中華技術學院學報No.27 2003/0583-93
10 Constitutionalism in Germany Werner Heun東亞法學評論Vol.1 No.1 2010/0391-104
11 Democracy, Good Governance, and Economic Development Shalendra D. SharmaTaiwan Journal of DemocracyVol.3 No.1 2007/0729-62
12 Controlling Accounting Conservatism and Earnings Growth to Estimate the Implied Cost of Equity Capital 彭火樹(Huo-Shu Peng);陳美惠(Mei-Hui Chen)中山管理評論Vol.16 No.4 2008/12823-849
13 Inclusive Education in Bosnia and Herzegovina Alma Dizdarević;Medina Vantić-Tanjić;Milena NikolićUS-China Education ReviewVol.7 No.3 2010/0392-100
14 Blood Alcohol Concentration Among Injured Drivers in Hualien County 李燕鳴;黃勝雄;白璐The Kaohsiung Journal of Medical SciencesVol.15 No.10 1999/10617-624
15 Bank Ethics: An Empirical Investigation of the Banking in China 劉春紅;宋瑋Journal of Shanghai Jiaotong University (Science)Vol.9 No.1 2004/0349-55
16 Foreign Juvenile Delinquency: The Case of Istanbul Tülin G. İçli;Hanifi Sever;Muhammed Sever;Şevket ÖktenAdvances in Applied SociologyVol.2 No.1 2012/0359-65
17 Duty: Core of the Forest Law of China Qi-Yun TianChinese Journal of Population,Resources and EnvironmentVol.3 No.3 2005/0947-51
18 The Feminist Defense of Law Maria Isabel Garrido GómezUS-China Law ReviewVol.7 No.5 2010/0526-31
19 The Law of Genetic Inheritance Zhe YinOpen Journal of GeneticsVol.2 No.1 2012/0347-50
20 A Derivation of Hubble's Law A. C. Giere;A. TanChinese Journal of PhysicsVol.24 No.3 1986/10217-219
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