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Subject Catagory>Humanities>Art>天津音樂學院學報

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Latest Issue: No.2012年3 (2012/09)
  Other Issues:
No.2012年3 (2012/09) No.2012年2 (2012/06) Vol.2011 No.4 (2011/12)
Vol.2011 No.3 (2011/09) Vol.2011 No.1 (2011/01) Vol.2010 No.3 (2010/09)
Vol.2010 No.2 (2010/06) Vol.2010 No.1 (2010/03) Vol.2009 No.3 (2009/09)
Vol.2009 No.2 (2009/06) Vol.2009 No.1 (2009/03) Vol.2008 No.4 (2008/12)
Vol.2008 No.3 (2008/09) Vol.2008 No.2 (2008/06) Vol.2008 No.1 (2008/03)
Vol.2007 No.4 (2007/12) Vol.2007 No.3 (2007/09) Vol.2007 No.2 (2007/06)
Vol.2007 No.1 (2007/03) Vol.2006 No.4 (2006/12) Vol.2006 No.3 (2006/09)
Vol.2006 No.2 (2006/06) Vol.2006 No.1 (2006/03) Vol.2005 No.4 (2005/12)
Vol.2005 No.3 (2005/09) Vol.2005 No.2 (2005/06) Vol.2005 No.1 (2005/03)
Vol.2001 No.4 (2001/12) Vol.2001 No.2 (2001/06) Vol.2001 No.1 (2001/03)
About the Journal
Journal Title天津音樂學院學報
Parallel TitleJournal of Tianjin Conservatory of Music
Title in PinyinTian Jin Yin Le Xue Yuan Xue Bao
Publishing FrequencyQuarterly
Date of Earliest Issue1960
Date of the Last Issue
Vol. of Earliest IssueVol.2000 No.1
Publisher LocationChina
Publication TypeJournal
E-mail Addresstl-xb@263.net
Publishing Status
CEPS Category
Subject Catagory>Humanities>Art

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